G4P- Clearing Text Boxes.

Hey guys, so I'm working on a project that uses G4P, now the problem is that I am making a sign in page, and well that means I will have different states. Now the problem is that when I change from the sign in page (using G4P) to the next page, the textboxes still stay. Now I know that is because the textboxes are called in void setup(){}. So I tried putting them in void draw(){} but that did not work because draw kept on calling that function, so it would keep on resetting. Like if I click on the textbox, I set the focus, but then it would reset and act like I never clicked it at all. So is there a way that I can somehow remove those textboxes on the next state? Thank you in advance.


  • Make the textboxes invisible when you don't need them, ie change page

  • Hey Quark, thanks for the reply, but how do I make the textboxes invisible?

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    or to simply clear the text


  • Thank You Quark, I think the first one is the most helpful, because it is making the textboxes invisible, I will try it and will get back to you on how it works.

  • Yes Quark it works! Thank you very much mate! If there is anything, I mean ANYTHING I can do for you, just let me know!

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