GSoC 17 : Virtual Reality add on for P5.js

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Hey I am starting this thread to discuss over an idea of this years GSoC

I proposed the same idea for the Processing Fellowship program this year. The idea is to create a VR add on for P5.js. Virtual reality is a growing field and a lot of development is happening in the open source community to bring VR to the web. (, mozilla's VR framework written on top of three.js)

This would help bring the capabilities of P5.js to VR platforms like Oculus, Mobiles etc.

Suggestions and doubts are most welcome

Regards Harkirat Singh



  • The user experience is a big problem, IMO. I'm not familiar with p5.js and VR, but I have tried to implement a browser-based drawing app using leapmotion, it has a poor performance compared to the native implementation :(

    But It makes sense, I like this idea :)

  • Involving devices like Leap motion and kinect can cause performance issues. But the project doesn't focus on these devices.

    Virtual Reality is a bit different. It involves wearing head gear (Oculus, Samsung VR etc).

    Try to open this example in your phone to understand more.

  • Yeah, if WebGL could be used to create a 3D view and place the user at camera position that would take the art made using p5 to whole new level :D

  • I think this would be an exciting project / add-on for p5.js. My concern is that WEBGL mode is still in progress, I wonder if it requires more development to be stable enough to support a VR add-on. What do you think about proposing to work on WEBGL features with an eye towards VR? I would encourage you to try working with WEBGL mode, read the github issue threads, and make some WEBGL examples to evaluate its suitability for VR right now.

  • I would love to work with WEBGL! I am interested in 3D graphics but never got to work with them so a little low on experience but I'll surely learn a lot in the process of working on the add-on. I'll start going through some documentations for WEBGL to ready myself for the task :-)

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    @shiffman I guess you are right. I tried a simple 3-D video viewer using P5.js. The results weren't great. There is scope of development in the WEBGL aspects first.

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