GSoC 2017: Python Mode & New GUI

Hello, I'm very interested in participating with processing in GSoC 2017 this year, Particularly in the Python related projects or implementing a new GUI for the application. I have several questions so please bear with me.

1-My current experience in in Java, Python, web development and graphics/computer vision. What do you think this qualifies me to contribute to?

2-To my understanding you're looking for someone to rewrite the python mode using Cython, how complicated would this be? How much do you expect of the mode to be ported? I'm fairly comfortable with python/numpy and cython libraries in general as I use it to implement my openCV and deep learning projects.

3-Regarding the new GUI for processing, I understand you'd like it to be in javascript, however, upon looking at the possible solutions, they would involve either using NodeJS as a backend(Which is more popular, but isn't the case here since we have a Java backend), or embedding a container to run the web interface in JavaFX window. Do I correctly understand your requirements? Why can't we use JavaFX directly in that case?

Finally I'd like to stress that I'm very interested in working on Processing as I believe software literacy is a crucial thing in current times, What are the things I can do before my application to prove that I'm serious about contributing to processing?

Thank you.


  • Thanks for your interest! If Processing is a new environment for you, I would suggest geting started by reading some of the tutorials on the website and looking through the examples and exhibition to get a sense of the goals and spirit of the project. I would also suggest building a few test projects in Processing and then switching over to Python mode and building some projects to get a feel for developing with Processing. Including these sample projects with your application as well as participating in some github issue discussions or even filing a pull request can be helpful in our evaluation of your application.

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