p5 editor = ?

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it says

If you are using the p5 editor, you can skip to the Your First Sketch section.

Where can I find the p5 editor please?



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    @Chrisir -- I believe that:

    1. The p5.js desktop editor is deprecated: https://github.com/processing/p5.js-editor
    2. The p5.js web editor is still incomplete / in progress: https://github.com/processing/p5.js-web-editor
    3. You can install p5.js mode into the Processing editor / PDE using "Add Mode: p5.js": https://processing.org/reference/environment/#Programming_modes
  • @jeremydouglass Is the p5.js mode available in Processing 3? It doesn't show in my IDE when I try to add this mode.


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    p5.js mode 1.0.3 is available in Processing 3.2.3 -- tested on OS X 10.12.1

    Add the mode from Contributions Manager, then launch a new sketch window and switch to the new mode in the upper-right mode drop-down. This should give you a p5.js sketch window with two tabs -- the main sketch tab, and index.html.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.48.37 PM Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.49.52 PM

  • Ok, followin the description p5 editor is not openprocessing or sublime. Maybe someone update the section

    2nd: p5 mode is not installable under p3 with Win 10

    I got it running now with sublime. But I can't even hit run in sublime?

    Can I just use Save As... ?



  • @Chrisir I have Win10 and 3.2.3 and P5.js is available on my machine. I couldn't check this earlier bc I was at work. however, i notice my android mode is not available (it is installed) so I couldn't figure out my current android mode version %-(


  • I looked p5 up in my mode adding dialogue (or what it's called)

    It's grayed out


    I'll take a closer look

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    Sounds like this might be either a Windows / Mac feature parity issue or an OS-related bug in PDE 3.2.3?

    If there is no resolution perhaps somebody experiencing the problem could report it on the GitHub Processing Issues page:

  • Ah, I just looked into it, I am on processing 3.0.1 that's probably why.


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    maybe a parity but 3.2.3 wasnt updating libraries correct... maybe some bugs on the whole modes and libraries system... I got back to 3.2.1 after that kind of issues...

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    I got back to 3.2.1 after that kind of issues...

    I'm still using the even older version 3.1.2.
    Gonna w8 a more stable version before upgrading all the way.

    Only problem is that p5.js Mode isn't compatible w/ version 3.1.2.
    But at least, this is the last compatible version for Pjs Mode. :P

  • although the p5.js mode still lacks on finding problems, and the colouring of words is quite plain.. the deprecated app of p5.js seems to me still better... :(

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