Multichannel audio?

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Hi all

I prototyped an a/v project using sample playback in stereo and now comes the time to spatialise the sound (3 channels, possibly concurrent playback). I thought this would be a bread-and-butter exercise but it seems either I'm missing something or it's not off the shelf?!

I'm running Processing 3 on OS X 10.10.5

I've reviewed Minim & Beads and not found an obvious example. I read this forum post where the solution seemed to be to run multiple stereo sound cards!

I've hacked around based upon this Minim example but I can't get any audio device to tell me it has more Lines available (Audio 8 DJ, Soundflower)

Line.Info allLines [] = mixer.getTargetLineInfo(); println(mixer.getMixerInfo()); println("MSP allLines: "+allLines.length);

Audio 8 DJ, version Unknown Version MSP allLines: 1 MSP open lines: 0 MSP lines: -1 MSP:$DirectTDL@34339880

I started poking around in Java Sound directly based on this SO post and this gist but same deal, although I have verified I have a "Direct Audio Device" Mixer.

Minim states "Using setOutputMixer you can also create AudioOutputs that send sound to specific output channels of a sound card." but that method is deprecated and I can't figure out how to use it regardless!

I've read the Java Sound docs but can't see anything obvious telling me one way or the other if this is possible.


Anyone out there running multichannel audio (from a single sound card) via Processing (or plain Java)? If so, please tell me what I'm missing!



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