Anyone Able to Get Python Mode Working in Processing 3.2?

I am using Processing 3.2 and Python Mode Build 3017 on Windows 10. After I launch Processing, I try to switch to Python mode and get a "Mode Problems" error dialog box. The error message reads:

A nasty error occurred while trying to use Python. It may not be compatible with this version of Processing. Try updating the Mode or contact its author for a new version.

Below that there is a java cast error message and loooooooong list of classes and line-numbers(?) where the error occurred.


  • No problems here b/c I don't download new versions right way! >:)

  • No errors in Linux. Try to install python 3

  • @GoToLoop -- I'll just go back to using 3.1.2, so your reply was almost (unintentionally?) helpful.

    @josemar966: I do have Python3 installed already. I thought Python Mode used jython?

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    AFaIK, main highlight in P3.2 is transferring certain resources from Java Mode to the PDE.
    Therefore making them available for all modes in general. <:-P
    However, such drastic changes would inevitably break all modes. :-SS
    For now, P3.1.2 is the best release so far. It's highly wise to stick w/ it for a long while. :-\"

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