how to execute a .exe in the processing window


I know how to call an .exe and how to "play" with it via processing, but I would like to "open" that .exe into my processing window. So that instead of having two windows, I only have one.

is there any solution with exec or launch ?

I have to do so because I am using a USB camera that can't be found by the "* " library, and I tried to found another way to access it (by java coding), but the result is not convincing ....



  • you can call any kind of file onto processing but you can only play those processing was programmed to. processing is not a emulator x) but if tha .exe app was created with java you can try find its source code and create a library from it for processing. good luck! personally i recommend using another webcam. if you are using the ps3 eyecam in linux you can fully use it without any wierd drivers or scripts.

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