I need someone knowledgeable on Bluetooth Low Energy and Android Mode.

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I am currently porting my Classic Bluetooth System to the new BLE.

Previouly, I was using KETAI library to access Bluetooth communication on my Android Device so it can communicate with my Arduino Uno with a HC-05 Bluetooth module. Everything worked well.

Now, I am using Bluefruit LE Micro (by Adafruit, An arduino-compatible chip with BLE from Nordic)

I am having troubles with the Bluetooth Low Energy side of this module.

I have found a library called BLEPDROID on github that utilizes Bluetooth low energy and Processing together with RFDuino but the library does not provide adequate tutorial on how to use their codes. I am not an expert when it comes to understanding codes so it is quite difficult for me.

If someone can guide me through their Library that would help OR if you can suggest a better library or way for me to understand how to code with BLE that would also help.


  • I changed some codes on RFDUINO to be compatible with BLUEFRUIT LE MICRO. If you are interested send me a message

  • Hey Dlare! I'm working with Bluefruit. Would love to see your code... would really help :)

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