Processing as a standard graphic design tool

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I teach graphic design in a college. I fell in love with Processing a few years ago. Oh the creative power it gave me! I could make my own tools, code multimedia installations, make generative identities and art...!

Since then, I'm a dreaming of a world where creative coding and Processing are standards skills every graphic designer is expected to master. Imagine the crazy installations, apps and designs we'd be experiencing on a daily basis!

I'm trying to convince my colleagues that Processing is the way of the future. The reaction is usually genuine curiosity and enthusiasm... mixed with a sense that it's just too cutting edge and experimental to have a real value in the market, in the industry... not a skill that we should be teaching in a college where students need to learn a "useful trade".

I'm curious about your input on that. Do you see Processing and creative coding becoming a standard skill for a graphic designer or will/should it stay something experimental some designers develop on their own, or in higher education programs? Can Processing become a standard in the industry? How can I help make creative coding and Processing just another tool in every 21h century graphic designer's toolbox?

Thanks for the input!



  • I think as you, because it's open source people said that is not serious. But maybe because it's open source it's better build without money goal, only to help the users. Everything is clear here, people are honest. From the beginning, it's a better basement.

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