Advice to get me back up to speed w 2.0+

So... I used to be pretty active w processing, circa 1.5 era, but have been "out of the scene" for quite a while. (heck, maybe some of my code contributions still litter core! who knows? :D)

I'm now trying to wrap my head around converting an old processing project one way or the other - either pull all the "geometry" stuff out of the old p5 sketch into a different lang/env that has a glsl shader (etc) that i need; or pull the rendering (shader, and a bit more) out of the new environment into the old sketch and keep it p5 natively.

Either way is sure to be a bit of work, as I did lots of gl.beginGL() -type stuff back in the day (turning on/off face culling, depth masks, etc - if you've ever done proper transparency then you know the details), plus custom fog, plus a customized version of Marius Watz's tile saver, plus etc, -- and who knows how much other stuff has old-style "PGraphicsOpenGL" to convert just to get it barely running again in 2.x. (tho i think that's mostly settled, just swapping out "GL" for "GL2" takes care of half of it!)

So I'm clearly leaning towards back-porting the "fancy rendering" stuff to processing, as forward-porting the geometry/construction code would be at least as much work (and assumed would be much more, actually).

Q is: where's the best place to start if someone says "i have an existing GLSL shader(s), how do i get it working in processing?" Webpage somewhere? (a link would be fine as an answer, as i'm certainly not expecting a brand new treatise be written here in the forum just for little old me! :D)

Or a link to a non-trivial example using processing geometry calls and glsl post-processing (particularly if it interacts with "native" processing lighting, and/or does depth buffer -type effects (fe faking depth-of-field blur or amb occ), and or other such "ties" between native p5 geometry/lighting/etc and glsl). The bundled BlurFilter example does at least serve as my "Hello World!" shader jump-start, but I can tell my learning curve has just begun.

Thanks for any assistance! Cheers, Dave


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