Processing with Atom editor

Hi, I've Ubuntu 14.04 on my pc and I installed on Atom editor the package processing by bleikamp, but when I run the program (with ctrl+alt+b) nothing appens :( Anyone have a solution? I think the problem is the O.S. but I'm not sure.



  • I have the same problem on both Peppermint 5 and Windows; so it's not an OS specific issue. I guess it's time to file a bug report; but I only just started using Atom so not sure where to find any helpful debugging info :/

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    I also started using Atom more or less 2 weeks ago.
    But only for the purpose of learning TypeScript!
    For now, it's installed in Win8.1 and working alright.
    I need to buy a simple cooler before returning to my Linux desktop box! :>

  • However, I started using SublimeText with Processing package, but recenty it was an update about package of Processing in Atom; now it works, but Atom open 2 sketchs (it is not a problem for me).

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