How do I import libraries like Toxiclibs or Plethora into a Coffeescript mode sketch?

Can it be done? Please tell me it's possible. Thanks. If not, how can I use them in Python mode?

(Sorry if silly question. Years without coding and decided to go back to it today.)


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    Since CoffeeScript is merely a transpiler to JavaScript, JS & CS Modes share the same issues:
    They can't use Java libraries! They gotta find some equivalent in JavaScript itself! :(

    However, Python Mode runs inside the JVM runtime, just like Java Mode.
    Therefore I believe it can re-use Java libraries. Go here for more info about it:

  • Thanks. I suspected that. Now I'll check the pyprocessing site. Thanks!

  • @JamesWlf; definitely. You may have to fool around with the location of the libraries, but they most assuredly work. I've used Toxiclibs in particular.

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