Processing create DXF from inside Eclipse

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with the usual example I have been able to create dxf's in the processing editor. For some reasons change to eclipse when I use the same code I get the complain that

DXF Done
beginRaw() is not available with this renderer.
endRaw() is not available with this renderer.

on the same machine with the same initialisation
size(windowX, windowY, P3D);

how would a dxf draw look like in an eclipse project ?



  • What the code in Eclipse looks like?

  • sorry I should have posted it already...

    `import processing.core.*; import processing.dxf.*;

    public class ShowCameraParts extends PApplet {

    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    boolean record = false;
    QuadWith2EarsAttached[] tp = new QuadWith2EarsAttached[1];
    public void setup() {
        size(Settings.WINDOW_X, Settings.WINDOW_Y);
        // lights(); lights() is not available with this renderer.
        tp[0] = new QuadWith2EarsAttached(this);
    public void draw() {
        if (record == true) {
            beginRaw(DXF,"CameraPart.dxf"); // Start recording to the file
        if (record == true) {
            record = false; // Stop recording to the file
    public void keyPressed() {
        if (key == 'R' || key == 'r') { // Press R to save the file
            record = true;
            println("DXF Done");


  • ok this does work since I have the here omitted import idea why but problem is solved with this //import processing.dxf.*;

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