align multiple image file in one doc

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hello from a video file i have extract 1 frame by second and compresse de size by 1px by 240px i have use ffmpeg. -the first thing is i have a folder of (+or-) 7000 file 1px by 240 px that i want to align one after a other. -the second thing is i will like the soundtrack influence the hight of the frame. if we take the frame at 01:20:30 it will match the sound data to establish the hight of the frame my fille are name 001.png to 7778.png. from my knowledge we can't name the file with the time with ffmpeg. i have made a sketch , maybe to help you under stand what i want to do.

if you can help me. let me know if you need more info

i have know clue on how to start with processing. is it possible to do every thing in one step in processing.



  • Are you completely new to processing?

    Create a loop that goes though each image, resizes them, and moves 1px to the right.

  • yes i am, i have made basic tutorial, but when i want a start from scratch i feel a bit lost.

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