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in our universities OpenGL is taught, how can we persuade our professors to teach Processing instead of OpenGL????


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    What kind of university? Is it aimed more towards engineering, general (not super hardcore) programming, or art?

  • all of them:)can you plz explain each of them in details? thank you :)

  • Well, processing capsules technical stuff like OPENGL / Java

    • So, when it's CS in your university, you wouldn't use processing, because you have to learn the technical stuff... that's the goal of CS... Or you start with processing and then quickly turn to Java/Opengl.

    • When it's art in your university or more for beginners, or a general teaching of programming, the more hands-on approach of processing with an easy entry is an advantage because you can concentrate more on art and less on technicalities...


    Anyway, processing is low-level, you still have to write an entire program... so it's good to learn. And it keeps you from being irritatetd with technical stuff....


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