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Hello !

Wondering if there are any resources I can be pointed to about Java and viewing Processing sketches online.

This was surely one of the best things about Processing, but it seems to be completely broken.

I don't know if I'm banging on about a buried hatchet, but its incredibly frustrating the amount of material online that is now un-viewable. Obviously nowhere is this more apparent than on OpenProcessing.

Of course I update Java as I'm continually prompted to almost on a monthly basis (or so it seems), lost between whether or not Chrome is 64bit, or whether I'm supposed to have Java 6, and how to even pull that off and get it work. Not to mention the annoying 'security' prompts you have to allow in order to get a sketch to finally work if u get that far (in Firefox maybe).

I dunno, it's just, disappointing.

Is there any hope for this? What's the low down?


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    I have read this on the wiki, so I'm aware js is the way going forward, I guess its just a shame to see all that work disappear down the drain...

    • Java Applet support is being removed, starting in 2.0 alpha 7. It simply doesn't make sense to support these anymore, given our priorities, lack of web browser support, and I don't have any time to support them. A steady parade of issues like this one, while browser makers and OS vendors make applets all the more difficult and unappealing is a losing battle and life is too short for such things. It's an unfortunate change, but simply the reality of where we're at. Applets were always an important, essential part of Processing because it was important to be able to make your work available online. At the moment, using Processing JS (or Processing 1.5) is instead generally a better option for things that run on the web. (And before anyone asks, no, we will not be adding JNLP support in its place. If someone wants that, they should write a JNLP Export Tool.)
  • Found this thread too: - Sorry guess it is all doom and gloom...

  • I use a tool in p5 to export applets to openprocessing

    Some can run in the browser to some extent (when they don't use libs)

    others you can download and run offline (which I prefer anyway)

    but JAVA for the internet is mainly dead - it's a shame

    future is probably HTML 5

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    In most of the samples I give since I started here is Java-JS cross-mode.
    With careful adherence to P5's API and avoiding 3rd-party libs,
    those sketches work in JS Mode (PJS) and in the web too!
    I prefer as sketch host b/c it's PJS only!

  • "avoiding 3rd-party libs"
    Yes, that's the pain point: one of the force of Processing is the vast amount of libraries making it awesome...

  • Of course there are some rare cross-mode libraries. But pretty much avoid 3rd party libs! :o3

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