Showtime-Processing - Connect Processing to Python/C#/Java/Processing/Ableton Live/Unity3D

Hi everyone, this is the first Processing based library that I've made and I'm looking for some feedback.

Showtime is a library I wrote for connecting multiple programs together in a way that lets you discover new program nodes from a central 'stage' and listen to or control methods remotely. The library originated when I was getting frustrated with having to manually connect up OSC addresses when connecting Ableton Live to Unity, so I built a Python to C# connector that let me call methods inside of the Ableton Live API without using any OSC or MIDI messages.

A Java and Processing version version naturally followed straight afterwards. The library is built using ZeroMQ sockets which has made porting it to other languages much easier. Nodes made in any of the available languages are functionally identical.

Here's a demo of it in action.


Interacting with Live using Python version of Showtime.


I'm hoping that this will be useful for anyone looking to hook up multiple Processing apps to other languages. I've been mainly using it to control Ableton Live, but I've got some plans for connecting it to some hardware devices in the future. Some BeagleBone powered lights or drums would be pretty fun to play with!

Anyway, hope this is useful for anyone! I've included instructions for usage in the Showtime-Processing repository and there are a few examples included in the library download as well.


Showtime-Processing Github download

Showtime-Processing Github repository

All language versions of Showtime


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