SimpleOculusRift - Another Oculus Rift Lib

I just made a little Processing Library for the Oculus Rift. Somehow i did had troubles with the other rift libraries, so i quickly hacked this one(it's really a hack). The library only works for osx64,win64 and linux64. If you need another system then you have to compile it by yourself. Download the library from:

You can get the sourcecode from here(use the branch glsl1.2, the master works with higher version of glsl, problems with mac):


Hope this will be useful for someone...!



  • I can't say how happy I am right now. I was working on a data visualization project on processing and I wanted to make it explorable with the rift, but all the library I found had some trouble, this one just works so well!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Thanks so much for your effort!

    You published your library just in time for us to use it in our five-day Oculus Rift workshop!

    Have a look at our project in this discussion And keep sharing the great work :)

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    Some more screencaptures from our (wosorom & me) project:

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-23 um 16.06.51

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-23 um 16.07.17

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-23 um 16.07.01

  • Hi! I am working with this wrapper too. Thank you very much for creating it. One question I am trying to figure out how move the "camera" through scene (WSAD mode for example) is this possible?


  • How I can "change" the point of view of Oculus?

  • @gerardsgs: of course you can move the camera, just move the hole scene(translate,rot before you draw the scene)

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    Thank you very much for this creating!! I want to express the afterimage like the below image on this wrapper. Can we?

    Please show how to write the code.afterimage


  • hi many thanks for providing this. just tried to run it on my 64-bit windows 8.1 machine, but it says: OPENGL_VERSION: 4.0.0 - Build GLSL_VERSION: 4.00 - Build Can't load SimpleOculusRift library (SimpleOculusRift64.dll) : java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\ramin\Dropbox\Robots\Processing Sketches\libraries\SimpleOculusRift\library\SimpleOculusRift64.dll: Can't find dependent libraries Verify if you installed SimpleOculusRift correctly.

    all my other libraries run correctly, any idea what's wrong?

  • This is great! Many thanks! :D

  • Hey does anyone know if I can get access to the head orientation with this lib? In the example comes with the lib- SimpleOculusRift_HitTest, there is a function headOrientationMatrix that returns a PMatrix3D but the values don't change at all to me.

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    Hello, I have a question about this library.

    I want to receive Yaw Angle data from the Oculus Rift. But Even though i connected Oculus Rift to the computer, the code keeps saying he cannot detect the Oculus Rift. Do you know the reason? Please help me. Thank you

    SimpleOculusRift Error: Oculus Rift ERROR: Oculus Rift not detected. this is the error.

  • Are there any dk2 processing libraries in the works? Like many projects, dk2 seems to have broken tracking.

  • Hi, I second that question ;)

  • Hi! Great work! Any news regarding support for the DK2?

  • I hacked together an example how to make this library work with the DK2

  • Hey Steff0o, could you please just describe shortly, how to get the DK2 example going...? I got the SimpleOculusRift library maxXoh mentioned, installed.

    I just dont know how to handle all the files in your zip

  • and in addition... everytime i try to run the SimpleOculusRift_HitTest.pde i get this error:

    SimpleOculusRift Error: Oculus Rift ERROR: Oculus HMD Display detected; Sensor not detected.

    would you say that might be because of the library or is my hardware setup incorrect... ?

    i got a win 10 (64) and use the oculu rift dk2... processing 2.2.1

    thanks in advance...! :)

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