direct OpenDMX hardware control from Processing (for Windows only)

hi all,

i'm doing some work with OpenDMX controllers (e.g. see this Entec one, but many versions) and i wanted to control them with processing on windows. i realized that there was no library that worked, so i rolled my own.

you can find the source and the library itself here:

hopefully it's useful to some folks! there was some other DMX stuff on the processing list of contributed libraries, but they don't seem to work with OpenDMX. perhaps we'll get this one listed.





  • Perhaps a stupid question, but would this be compatible with the Enttec Usb Pro (or more specifically, this DMX interface) ? I guess not but you never know...

    Anyway nice work!

  • no but i believe this library does what you want:

  • I can confirm that it does :)

    But I plan on adding DMX support for some programs I'm working on and it'd be nice if I could have support for both device types with a single library.

  • not sure why you would need a single library.. what's wrong with using multiple libraries? since i only use Open DMX hardware i'm not going to be expanding my library to handle different hardware.

    however, the source code for both libraries is available so you could put them together and create a custom library for your own purposes, if you really wanted just one.

    good luck!

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