Controlling sound with pure data and processing

I have been using processing to produce inkblot visuals for a project controlling these using a distance sensor with arduino. This worked correctly until I tried to link pure data using the arduino distance's whilst still using it to also control processing.

For some reason, once I opened PureData, processing stopped being controlled by Arduino coming up with the error that the serial port was busy.

Is it possible to use the same ardunio board to control between Processing and Pure data without the serial connections crashing?



  • I donno, but I was looking at quartz composer and found this -

    It communicates by OSC , so I am going to try this method since I can't seem to get other kinect app to work with processing , and kinect libraries in processing itself seem to not work with new version of mac and/or processing. It's been a nightmare - anyhow, if this will not work, I am going to openframework and pure data. It should be the same , but I think the libraries for C++ and kinect is working better.

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