Processing in Nexus7?

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Hi all, I recently downloaded APDE (Android Processing Development Environment) for my Nexus7, the sketches run fine as long as i dont import any library (including the default libraries such as serial,video etc). However as soon as i do import ,it throws an error "processing //library name// cannot be resolved". So i tried connecting it to my computer and manually copying the .jar files of serial library onto the lib folder of the processing ide installed on the tablet, however i still get the same error. can someone please help me, Thank you



  • The Github page suggests that using contributed libraries is not currently supported (see under the 'Features' heading).

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    I am the developer of APDE.

    I don't know if this forum is the best place to ask questions about APDE because it is not an official Processing project (maybe at some point I would like it to be, but that's not really my decision). Until now, I have entertained questions via email and would also accept bug reports through GitHub. I believe that the best forum category for this question is Android Processing, so I have moved it there.

    Regarding libraries: As @velvetkevorkian has pointed out, APDE does not currently support libraries. In fact, this is the next feature that I plan on implementing.

    Core libraries (such as Serial), on the other hand, are a different story. APDE is not a version of Processing for Android devices; it is a version of Android Processing for Android devices (there is a subtle difference). Android Processing does not currently support core libraries (in the PDE, try to import a core library - it says "Android mode has no core libraries"), so APDE does not (and may never) support core libraries. If someone wants to convert the core libraries to work with Android Processing, then I would seriously appreciate that effort - but that is beyond the scope of APDE. Please keep in mind that many of the core libraries (Serial and Video in particular) aren't supported because they rely on native desktop libraries / drivers, and as such, simply will not work on Android devices. There are some alternatives that are designed to support Android, based on Android libraries.

    In short, library support is a feature that I am working on but is not present in the current release of APDE. If you stick around for a couple of weeks, you will probably see it implemented.

  • Just to say this was the first I'd seen of APDE, looks like great work @calsign! Going to try and check it out once my degree show's over with.

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