Ketai bluetooth to PC

Hi, I would like to receive android phone sensors data in processing 3, Java version. On the android side, I know I can use Ketai lib. But I can't find a way to receive this data on my pc using processing in java mode (obviously this lib just work on android mode). Can I do this with Ketai or is there other solution? Does somebody help me with this? Thanks



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    Ketai allows you to get access to the sensor data on your phone. You can use oscP5 to establish a connection between your PC and your device and transfer data. I suggest you become familiar with the ketai first and then with oscP5 before you merge them, and it should be easy to do. There are a many examples in the forum related to either oscP5 and ketai btw. Also check both libraries' websites and their provided examples.


  • Hi, thanks for your answer. The thing is oscP5 is...osc...I really would prefer use bluetooth (actually I heard you can send osc over BT, do you know more about this?) : I'm devellopping a device for a place where there is not wifi everywhere, and, I know you can make a hotspot with your phone, but the final device will have to be super easy and kind of "plug and play" to be use by non-technological and really busy people (nurse and patients in an hospital). I'll perhaps use OSC if I can't find solution with bluetooth, but ideally users will just have to clic on a icon on the phone and that's it, don't want them to have to do multiple actions to connect the phone and the sketch.

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