GSOC 2018 - Processing for android

Hi guys, myself rahul tuteja, my Github profile : I am an Android Developer developing android apps from last 2+ years I have already contributed to many open source projects, interned with several startups, itself created some cool open source libraries in Android, also attended many hackathons, won some of them, also i have a prior experience of creating games in Libgdx, Unity, Unreal Engine, webapps in ruby on rails, also i have experience in Augmented reality created some applications on AR itself.

Demo video of my project on AR:

As i am quite fascinated by the idea of open source, and GSOC is the best way for any student in open source. I would like to work on the project that suits best on my skills i.e., Processing for android(Augmented reality or Android mode translations)

so please assign me issues or bugs to work. Thanks


  • wooow...this project is great, didn't know about this project but have worked with AR before. and also i have worked on game development using Unity and other platforms, I think that it wouldn't be too hard to implement.

  • @monkstone, thanks for pointing to that AR library, seems like it is now called PapARt. From a quick look, appears to be actively developed and well documented.

    @doomers I wonder if PapARt could be of any use for Android, since it seems to be a library for Processing Java. In principle, we would be using ARcore to add AR support to the Android mode, but we would be open to other options as well. The translations project is also very important, so I'd encourage to consider it as well.

  • @codeanticode i also think ARcore would be the best choice for AR, and about the translations project, i had a look at translations project idea at the project list page, i think i partially got the idea of the project but if you could tell me more about the translations project to get the clear view of the translations project.


  • @doomers The translations project is concerned with implementing a translation system for the Android mode initially and then possibly extending it and implementing a base API which can be used by all other modes to provide translations. Such a system already exists in the processing pde (but it does not provide translations for the modes, hence the project) so you can check the code here to see how it works.

  • @thefall thanks for the detailed reply, already got the broad view of the project, thanks, looking forward to contributing to processing.

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