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Hi everyone, Been wondering if theres a way to control DMX lights using only processing. All the videos I saw they also combine with arduino. Im aware theres a DMXP512 but Im new at this, so would like to know what hardware or dmx controller should I use to make this work. Thanks



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    Hi, i am trying to do the same thing, my only draw back right now is to send a Break on the serial port, and i don't see how to do it with the serial included in processind, a solution i think would be to close the serial port (the one open at 250Kbaud) and open a new one (on the same serial) but at 9600 baud, send a 0x00 then close this back and reopen the port at 250Kbaud. i will try it and let you know


  • Yes there is a way to control DMX lighting in processing! I run a small lighting design company and I use the DMXP512 library for shows and installation art. There are two options with this library for hardware. I use the

    Enttec USB PRO

    However there is another option available to us, which is the LanBox LCE, which i generally have a hard time tracking down a real product. It appears that it has been discontinued by LanBox.

    You can definitely use the Enttec USB PRO without the DMXP512 library, but sometimes its nice to live in that level of abstraction, and even though the library is 5 years old, it is still rock solid. I ran an installation piece for a month straight using this library and never had to reset the computer or even restart the program.

    If you're interested in how someone else has done this here is my

    first version of the software

    and this is the version that is currently in progress, much more organized, but doesn't have all the necessary functionality yet.

    Note, working with a Midi controller makes working with DMX so much fun, so if you want to start working with lights, I highly recommend you grab a cheap one with a few sliders.

    Have fun!

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