missing gio-2.0

Hi guys and gals. ill explain this best i can. i have a sketch running video capture on my macbook pro and outputting to a LED video wall i have made. works great, it starts fine and opens the built in webcam as there are no other capture devices available. now i am moving this over to a windows machine. i installed the same version of processing on to the windows machine . processing 2.0.1 on windows 7 home 32 bit lots of the example sketches work fine, but when i try and use and of the video capture or playbacks i get

unsatisfied link error: can't load library gio-2.0 (gio-2.0|libgio-2.0|libgio-2.0-0) with djna.library.path=c:/users/mat/documents/processing-2.0.1windows32%5b1%5d/processing-2.0.1/modes/java/libraries/video/library/ last error:java.lang.unstatisfiedlinkerror:unable to load library 'gio-2.0': the specified module could not be found

if i look in the location its that path is set to there are four folders macosx32,macosx64,windows32,windows64 and four files export(txt document) gstreamer-java.jar jnr.jar and video.jar

i truly have no idea what i am doing here so any and all help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance



  • Silly question... any chances your code could work with the latest version of Processing? What other resources are you using in your project? Like, what other libraries?


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    i have no idea if it works on P3. it works on P2 on my laptop and have put P2 on my desktop. also what do you mean by other libraries? like i said i am very new to this! I'm pretty sure its just the video capture running, i will check Mat

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