Exporting app for OSX High Sierra

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my apps run well in debug mode they run well after exporting on MY computer (SIERRA)

now, if i send them (zipped) (or put them for downloading) and if they are downloaded by somebody using osx highsierra, i am told by the users that they cannot be opened: message is: "this app is corrupted and must be put to trash"; what happens even with the most simple P5 hello world app.

here an example (for another app):: https://cmacapps.com/macos-sierra-application-damaged/

this message is described by apple docs as related to the gatekeeper and unsigned or modified apps.

in the P5 export window i can read that you can avoid this kind of message changing the security rules in the gatekeeper: with Sierra (or before) that was done clicking "apps from anywhere" but with high sierra this option is not present; and right clicking has no effect.

it seems possible, though not so easy, using terminal && command line to get rid of this problem but i cannot ask to people who downloaded the app to use this way!

What to do???

must i have to subscribe to apple developers (100$….) - And supposing that i subscribe how can i sign a java app (not with Xcode)?



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    new (weird) experience:

    i have put for downloading an app exported with the old P5 1.5.1; the same user (highSierra) who cannot open my apps from p5 3.XX has downloaded and opened this app (only the message "this app was downloaded and is not signed, would you want to launch it...")

  • I'm not on High Sierra yet because... well, just look at the news. But this is sounding like it might be a bug report -- if you report it you should post a link to the issue # here.

  • @jeremydouglass===

    i agree with you, it seems to be a bug with highSierra security rules; yet before posting i have to verify with other users...

  • @jeremydouglass===

    it s not a "true" bug; it s only the new "security rules" from apple and in order to get rid of them you have to use terminal; i put here the command for those who will get this problem:

    sudo spctl --master-disable

    enter admin password go!!!!! ( i t is possible that it runs only for 1 month; after you have to do the same....)

    Anyway it could be useful to precise that somewhere because what is now written when you export (right click and so on) is no more true.

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