How to send an image to phone.

Hey ! I have motion detection program. Each time I detect motion I want to send an warning with image to my phone. My question is - What is the best way to do it ? I consider using Proccesing network library for both computer and phone but maybe writing an standard android app would be better ? I will be grateful for any tip.


  • So, for example, you might want your computer to send an email, or a text message? Or you might want it to save to a service like Dropbox or GDrive and get a new shared file notification? Are you hoping to have the andriod app be always on and checking a special protocol / server always-on, or would you only be checking when the app was running in the foreground?

    Is the computer that is sending the message on a home network? Is it a server?

  • Hey, the idea is that I have motion detection installed on Rasberry Pi. Both Rasberry and Phone are connected to the same WiFi. To simplify things I asume that the app is listening only when running in the foreground. When some kind of motion is detected i want to send a frame using server/client communication in proccesing where server is RP and client is phone. Other cool thing would be to transmit video from camera to phone. I know these are probably some amatuer questions but I just started thinking about this.

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