Anyone try XYScope!? Help!

Here's an article about the project.

This is awesome and I happen to have an oscilloscope collecting dust. How do I hook up the oscilloscope to the computer?


  • So it seems he is using minim to generate the data. I guess you connect your speaker out to your scope and set it to XY mode... This is the only thing I can infer from skimming over the source code:

    You can always contact the author so he can expand on his documentation. Cool project!


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    That looks right. Probably (?) mini audio jack out of the computer and into the oscilloscope, with a left channel = x and right channel = y.

  • I can confirm that that's how it works. Also checkout his page for more info.

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    @hamsterwoede -- Thanks for the link -- that is a very cool demo video.

    ...and thanks for sharing your demo code here:

  • Eeek, wish I had seen this thread earlier. Hey there, creator of XYscope here and happy to see its use start to popup. Thanks everyone above for the clarification on physical setup that I've completely forgotten to include on the library documentation (tunnel vision on project)...

    Yup relying heavily on Minim for converting the vector shapes to audio waves that are sent via plane ol stereo to the X - Y inputs of a scope in XY mode. You can use the headphone jack, with a 1/8" minijack to RCA/cinch cable.. attaching to the oscilloscope with BNC to RCA/cinch adaptors. Those cables/adaptors would be just a few dollars. Eventually, you may want to get a multi-channel DAC for not only controlling multiple oscilloscopes, but also getting 3 channels out, for XY and Z (blanking/brightness) for even more fun.

    If you don't like the constant re-centering/movement of the shapes (sometimes great, sometimes annoying), then you'll need a DC-coupled audio device:

    A nice demo of what that means can be found here:

    I'll try to make some short walk throughs of the library soon, including special MacOS audio setup necessary for multichannel audio.

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