[HEMesh] Export multiple Boxes+ PFont text into one OBJ/STL file !

I'm working on many HEC_Box(); then i export using HET_Export.saveToSTL(mesh[i],sketchPath("data/"),i+"box"), or OBJ, Anyway; -1st it's very annoying to have to export every box into one file .. is there a way to combine them into one mesh before exporting ? also i have them tagged with text using PFont, and I can't find a better away to export them without going through the messy DXF function that export text into loads of triangulated mesh.. probably i will end up exporting the outline only -2nd there was a strange issue after exporting the files and importing then again, many faces were missing , and i had to triangulate every mesh box, even the example files were doing the same .. Thanks in advance !

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