GSOC 2015 - Some ideas -> CMYK, etc.

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Hi. I'm a graphic design teacher and, IMO, Processing is the most exciting thing to happen to my field and discipline since desktop publishing.

These are some ideas for GSOC 2015 :


  • A proper way to output CMYK pdfs. Print graphic design and art are made in CMYK pdfs. It's a bummer that Processing, which is such a great tool for creating art and graphic design can't output CMYK pdfs. There are ways to convert the pdfs in other apps and I do use Andreas Gysin's excellent code to export art in CMYK, but an official Processing mode or function would be nice.
  • Tools to make video games would be great. A lot of people dream about making their own video game and it would surely attract new users.


  • Code completion. I use Sublime text because the Processing PDE doesn't have it.
  • PDE color customization (background, colors). Like a lot of users, I'm a visual person and even if the PDE colors are nice, I'd like to tweak them and make them my own. A way to save and share themes would be great. I know I can hack the colors with the txt files, put it could be more user friendly.
  • A way to had color highlights on the code, so it's easier to visualize the code parts. "///" are nice but they are subtle.
  • Put the pde files on a sidebar instead of at the top. When you have a lot of files, it gets confusing.
  • This one is sensitive I guess : I love Casey Reas' art but IMO, the PDE's header should be more neutral... like just black with the word "processing" and the icons. Other designer tools don't have actual art in the interface, because it doesn't help to focus on your work, when some other -completely different- art is there all the time.

TLDR : More neutral interface. More color customization. CMYK output. Code completion.

I love Processing. Thanks for the great work you guys have done.


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    The visual design and features of the PDE are currently being revamped in 3.0. And in fact several of your ideas are already being incorporated. This is also in full swing so it's not likely to be a major part of GSOC 2015.

    Further improvements to outputting PDFs would be welcome as a proposal. I like your idea related to video games since it could be developed as a stand-alone library.

  • Thanks! Can't wait to see the revamped PDE!

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