Code navigation tool for the PDE Coding Assistants

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Hi, this is Qi Wang, who has asked Questions about Python Mode before. I've been diving into the PDE Coding Assistants improvement recently.

Say I would start with the code navigation tool, I have few questions to ask:

1) Should it be proposed as a stand-alone "tools", which could be developed outside of the 3.0 release schedule? If yes, does that mean it should implements Tool interface and be put in package?

2) What should the code navigation look like? Eclipse-like navigation tool?

3) Is it badly needed in our GSoC 2015? 'Cause I found code navigation tool ranks last in our Project List.

In gsoc-2015, @Manindra29 has throwed a good idea of "javadoc/reference view on mouse hover". Part from the idea someone has been working on, are there anything work having higher priorities?



  • Hi stephenw,

    The latest processing release does have a couple of code navigation features - Ctrl/Cmd + L brings up the code outline view which shows the list of classes, methods and variables in code. Ctrl/Cmd + Left Click on a method/variable name scrolls to its declaration.

    Do you have any other feature in mind?

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    I found those four are interesting:

    Graphics Widgets

    1) Grid, Coordinate selector, Coordinate manager

    2) Button creator

    Coding Assistants

    3) Class creation "wizard"

    4) Finding and moving blocks of code

    Some guys in my laboratory are developing a visualization software for designers. I could benefit from their work if I dive into the first two ideas. And I'm also qualified for shouldering the last two missions. I might have two questions:

    1) Which one is more suitable for GSoC proposal?

    2) What are the needs\details for the design? Say we decide to work with "2) Button creator", does that mean we should design a ColorSelector-like tool, which could support user to customize the size\color\3D for a button? What else? It doesn't sound complete, lol.

    Thank you!

  • The two that jump out to me are the grid/coordinate manager, this is frequently requested by students. I could also imagine the usefulness of a class creation wizard.

    I think your proposal would be strengthened by the following:

    1) Create mock-up designs of what the tool and interface might look like.

    2) Describe a narrative for a scenario where the tool is used. What is the project? Who is the user? How does the tool help facilitate the user's development of the project? Is it to save time? To teach concepts?

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    Thanks, @shiffman.

    1) I don't quite understand what it is grid/coordinate manager. Does it function like Layout-Manager int Java?

    2) As for a class creation wizard, it does sound cool and useful. I might prefer to develop that. Do you have any class creation wizard samples you might recommend to me? I'll make some surveys then probably post them tmr.

  • I imagine the grid / coordinate manager as a tool that helps Processing users understand the coordinate system and figure out hard-coded values for specific designs. For example, maybe the user draws some shapes in the tool and code that executes drawing functions is generated for you? Honestly, there is no spec or idea here, the question is -- what would be useful for artist and designers? You can invent what it should be in your proposal!

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