The EyeTribe Processing library


I have made a Processing library for interfacing with the EyeTribe gaze tracker device

It can be downloaded here:

It provides gaze and eye position, and calibration within Processing.

I hope to be able to polish it a bit more and add more examples in the next months.

Any feedback will be welcomed!

Cheers, jorge



  • Thank you for taking the time to write a library to connect the Eyetribe gaze tracker to Processing.

    I have hooked up my Eyetribe device, and it's listed in the system report. Still I can't connect to it from Processing. Running the examples provided with the library, I never managed to get past this error message:

    Unable to open socket. Is EyeTribe Server running? Exception: Connection refused
    Error initializing GazeManager, is EyeTribe Server running?

    I'm using the latest build of Processing 3 on a MacBook Air OSX 10.10.3.

  • Hi Stixan Are you running the EyeTribe Server as well? Just running the Processing sketch without the EyeTribe server will not allow you to get any values from the hardware.

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