GSoC 2015 - p5.js editor add-on manager

Hello, My name is Han-Chih Kuo (Andi). I am a graduate student at National Taiwan University and major in Information Management. I am interested in novel interaction design, exploring and merging new interaction techniques and devises. My research interests focus on Human-Computer Interaction. My previous research work involved in tangible interactions on the portable displays. Here is my profile: .

My research procedure relied on Processing to create novel interaction techniques and application showcases. Meanwhile, I has been involved in a number of projects about web development including front-end and back-end experiences. I would love to contribute something interesting and creative to make Processing Development Environment or the new p5.js editor better during this summer. Hence, I am looking around the ideas about the Tools in PDE and the new p5.js editor new features. The first idea is found in the issues of p5.js-editor that is a add-on manager to let user can search, install or remove the related library though GUI based on Bower. It can be a simple and automated solution for user to control the dependencies of libraries and become the ease-of-use feature.




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