Making an http call to a web server through IP address of the web server in Android mode

Hi, I am working on a Processing app that is meant to run in Android mode. The app involves interacting with a web server on a local network. There is no DNS service available, and I would like to make HTTP calls to the web server through the IP address of the web server (web server has a static IP on the LAN). In Android mode, if I try to do this using loadStrings and pass in the URL (URL based on http://), I get a message stating that the file could not be found. For some reason, it seems to think it is a local file and not a web http call. Could someone help please - is there any way I can make an http call without having to set up DNS and give a name to the web server? Thank you.


  • @cyberian::

    you create a SocketClient instance on the phone you pass it the ip adress + port number, it will work

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