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Hello, I am Anurag Patel , studying in 3rd year of B.Tech (Information Technology) at Charotar University of Science and Technology , Gujarat ,India. I am very interested in one of the idea for p5.js of building IDE . I have good knowledge of Html5 , Javascript and css . I found this idea very essential for p5.js at this time , but still it is under development.I have also used Node.js in my college project.

So, how can I start contributing for the same idea?


  • Please take a look at the p5.js-editor github repo. Read over the README, specifically the future plans section. Consider browsing the issues list , and try contributing with a small fix.

    We are also considering developing a browser-based IDE and would welcome proposals in this area. There is also this brainstorming document.

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    A "p5*js mode", like existing "JS mode", for Processing's IDE (PDE) would be very nice too! :bz

  • Thanks for the reply :)>- .I read the future plans and I found that currently IDE is only available for MacOS. As you suggested I am also interested in browser based IDE . In future plans , Linux and Windows support is proposed. So should I go ahead with browser based IDE or Linux-Windows support with the help of NW.js ? :-S

    Looking forward very positively! :)

  • Both of these (Linux/Windows support and browser-based IDE) are high priorities. Feel free to submit two proposals if you like.

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