Cannot get my android tablet to send messages to osc program in processing

edited March 2015 in Android Mode

Im not interested in sending messages yet, Im using osc touch on my tablet, the hostname on it is set to the computer thats running the sketches, its listening but its not recieving anyhting at all, just sitting htere like a lemon, what have I missed?

import oscP5.*;
import netP5.*;

OscP5 osc;
NetAddress remoteLoc;

void oscEvent(OscMessage oscIn){

  int firstVal = oscIn.get(0).intValue();

  float secondVal = oscIn.get(1).floatValue();

  String thirdVal = oscIn.get(2).stringValue();

  print(" addrpattern: "+oscIn.addrPattern()); 
  println(firstVal+" "+secondVal+" "+thirdVal);

void setup(){

  osc = new OscP5(this,5001);


void draw(){

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