GSoC 2015 - Game Development Tools for Processing

Hello everyone!

I am Haoqin He, a senior student in Zhejiang University in China. My major is Digital Media Technology. I've used processing in my Multimedia Data Visualization course to develop an interactive data-visualizing demo based on soccer datas (as shown by the image). Besides, I've also learned more about this tool through coursera and developed a small half-game demo in which users interact with colorful lines.


During my using processing, I recognized that Processing has a great potential in user interaction. However, while developin g the mini-game, I was always considering maybe it will be better for coders to develop interesting games if there is a game development tool for Processing. Last year I was studying a course about game development and got familiar with the Unity3D game engine. Since there are so many popular pixel-style or 2D indie games today like Issac and Badboy, probably it's not a bad idea for Processing to have such a tool for those designers to develop such games more easily.

However, I don't have much experience on developing such tools. All I have is some experience on processing and Unity3D. I've also got some basic knowledge on Java and JavaScript. I'm really looking forward to have a chance on this one under instructions by mentors.


  • A library for game development could be a great GSOC project. I might suggest making a few simple, basic games in Processing directly and then imagine how a library or tool would make building these easier. This would be helpful in evaluating your proposal.

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