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Hello all I am utpal open source enthusiast . I am member of open source organization catrobat(subproject Musicdroid) which deals with producing music in MIDI format . I browsed through tool ideas at https://github.com/processing/processing/wiki/Tool-Ideas and accordingly found a tool idea of Timeline tool extension . If one can shed more light as to what the idea expects as not much of clarification has been provided .



  • I believe this idea is related to creating a timeline tool for triggering time-based events in a Processing sketch. This was just a brainstorming list so we aren't looking for something specific. You are welcome to invent your own idea that you think would be helpful to Processing users!

  • great .. So I have this idea that processing as of now is doing pretty good in terms of it's sketch rendering capabilities but it still lacks support for sound processing or in general I am thinking of tool which would extract various important aspects from say a Voice, a song ..like(Intensity,Loudness) etc and then accordingly plot it on a Graph and then say export it in different formats . Tell me how do you find this idea ? If you like it I can give a detailed analysis on as to what libraries I am gonna use ,What kind of work i have done in past etc etc. Also in meantime I am getting familiar with the codebase and have put up a pull request and would be making myself more familiar but before all I need to know how you find this idea so that I can give a detailed explanation

  • I would suggest looking over the new Processing core sound library to see what functionality exists and what you think is missing.

    https://processing.org/reference/libraries/sound/ https://github.com/processing/processing-sound

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