How do I map the image?

I have to divide the image into 24 positions, a position equivalent to a circle.scacchiera



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    just write down the positions manually

    • 1st circle may be at 30,30, 2nd circle at 330, 30, 3rd circle at 630, 30 and so on

    by the way

    btw the lines in the upper part middle are missing | (and lower part too)


    you can use PVectors to store x,y in one var - see reference

    data structure

    since this is a game, what would be a good way to store the PVectors?

    one simple array... hm... no...

    or a 2D array the first dimension being the number of the rect (there are 3 from outside to inside: 0,1,2), the 2nd dimension the circle (clockwise from upper left corner: 01234....)

    thus a legal move is from 0,1 to 1,1 to 2,1 - very neat...



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