How to take backup of your processing sketches?

Hi all, Like others, I always save my sketches in the default location of processing which is the "my document" in windows. Few days back my system crashed because of blue screen error and I was not able to start to my laptop so I had to format my system. Because of this I lost my all the sketches and It was really painful. I have even tried to use some recovery software but no luck. It happened me twice and I got really irritated by this.

Here my question, Is there any way to create backup of your processing folder using cloud services? I know Dropbox and Google drive but none of them sync the folder outside their main folder.

I have also seen that pushing the sketches to git hub can be good alternative but it takes a lot of setup and efforts to do that. I mean git is not as simple as dropbox or drive, atleast for non programmers/beginners.

I know it is not directly related to processing but your suggestion and ideas will be really helpful for me and other programmers to create backup of their code. Using this they can sync their processing folder more than one system and work from any laptop.

Also, if the suggestion will be good enough I would adopt it to my daily style.


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    • We don't format before salvaging what's important and still there!
    • Any live Linux running on some CD/DVD or flash stick coulda easily accessed your HD!
    • My 1st rule is never save our own files in the same partition an OS is installed.
    • This way, if the OS breaks we can format the OS partition only w/o affecting our data partition.
    • We can select where the "sketchfolder"'s gonna be.
    • And of course, backups are our own true safeguard. Be it online or offline or both. O:-)
  • @GoToLoop :D :D I know but some how I couldn't get the access of my C drive partition. Can you suggest anything so that we can store our code online and offline together .

  • Processing sketches are just directories. You can zip them up and back them up however you would a normal file.

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    Actually I am trying one idea that I had in my mind. I have already install google drive on my PC and redirect the processing folder to google drive folder. Now my all sketches, library,tools, modes are going inside the google drive folder named as processing.

    And google drive is automatically syncing in the background. :) :) wola!.!

    MY Directory

  • google drive, dropbox, github, bitbucket, rsync to external drive

    for just using like dropbox git is pretty straight forward, just

    git add .
    git commit -m 'stuff stuff'
    git push -u origin master

    Presuming there's a git directory setup, which is just git init. All the branching / merging and whatnot isn't stuff that I use. Because I don't know how, not because I'm against it ;)

  • Yes, Git (or Mercurial) have some learning curve, but there are lot of easy tutorials, and as sjon points out, you only need a couple of commands for solo coding.
    One big advantage is that if you mess up your code, you can go back to a previous version! In the past, I made zips with numbers or dates in the name, but it was cumbersome. I finally learned to use VCSes (years ago) and never looked back! :-)

    Personally, I use GitExtensions to ease the usage of Git. There are other similar tools as well (one from GitHub, one from BitBucket, IIRC, etc.).

  • Now my all sketches, library,tools, modes are going inside the google drive folder named as processing.

    which is ok until you write a sketch that writes 10,000 images as part of an animation 8)

    didn't i read somewhere about someone adding source control to the processing ide? as part of GSOC?

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