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hello everyone

im using processing with oscP5 and pure data to communicate with each other.

whats working: processing sends pure data command to start and pure data starts sending information back.

whats not working: when closing processing it should send pure data a command to stop sending information. i tried using exit() and it works but it also messes up the standard oscP5 closing routine, which leaves some processes open in the background.

question: is there any way to insert the stop message form processing to pure data without messing up the closing routine of oscP5? before oscP5 is closed, of course.



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    You may try to @Override the exit() function:

    @ Override void exit() {
      // Call finalizing stuff below:
      // ...
      super.exit(); // Now call original exit()
  • youre my hero!!

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    Since this forum was upgraded a while ago, I'm afraid we can't anymore! :(
    In order to do so, the thread gotta be of type "Question" rather than "Discussion".
    We're still awaiting for a fix soon! =P~

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