Processing for 64 bit architecture

I've been using processing for a while and now that I work only in 64-bit architectures I'd say it's good to start a discussion for all those who need help working like this. I usually work with video and right now I'm running processing on a 64 bit kubuntu and I'm having trouble capturing video. I'd like to ask if anybody has suggestions as far as libraries and procedures is concerned, and it would be nice to have a place inside the forum for this.

My old projects all say that I need to run the application as a 32bit application and I don't want to do it like that, what do you think?



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    64-bit Java is only necessary when memory requirements are high. Like more than 2GB!

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    Yes, 64-bit Java is mostly used on servers, where you can easily have 200 GB of memory, or perhaps on the most demanding sketches, in term of memory. Personally, I have little needs, so I stick to 32-bit Processing.

    The trouble with 64-bit Processing is when you use a library with native code which isn't compiled for this mode...

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