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I am looking for someone to complete the following code for me. Please give me your estimated time to complete and how much it would cost. Thank you.

Write, debug and deliver, well commented code that creates a rotating, revolving cube with a different image or video on each of its six surfaces. The cube also moves slowly from top to bottom and side to side of a square frame. The cube morphs very slowly into an equal volume sphere while maintaining the motion defined for the cube. Create a Syphon server to make the sketch output available to applications outside Processing 2.0.

Input variables available to me for tweeking: cube dimension rotation speed revolution speed border to border speed morphing rate .jpg image file 1 to 6 .mov movie file 1 to 6



  • Sounds like an academic assignment :-?

  • @quark: I am a retired electrical engineer and media artist teaching my self to use Processing in an Isadora based performance called DISTURBANCEs: the game of Life. The "a" dimension of the square is representative of a calculated life span a the basis for a series of visualizations. I've been tinkering with rotating floating cubes but have been unsuccessful placing images on the surfaces.

  • have you seen the textureCube example on the main processing website?

  • Hope you took no offence but we get students on this forum looking for easy ways to pass their assignments.

    The Shapes3D library makes texturing cubes easy but would not enable morphing. The HE_Mesh 2014 library might do the trick though I have not used that myself :)

  • @Quark: No offense taken. I will look where you've recommended. I can make minor modifications to existing code but not yet able to start coding from scratch. I thought if I could get this sketch coded by an "expert" I could reverse engineer my way forward.

  • There is an example in the Hemesh library that does a cube to sphere transform: HE_Mesh 2014 > reference > modifiers > Ref_HEM_Spherify

  • @amnon & @quark: Yikes! I've started the Hemesh 3D tutorial. Thanks. Completing the two tutorials will be beneficial. Thank you both.

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