The new Kinect 2 sensor is now supported in J4K library for Processing

edited January 2015 in Kinect

A new version of the J4K (Java for Kinect) library was released and is compatible with all kinect devices (Kinect for Windows, Kinect for XBOX, new Kinect, or Kinect 2). This library allows you to control multiple sensors of any type from a single application, as long as your system capabilities permit. For example you can control three Kinect 1 sensors, or one Kinect 1 and one Kinect 2 connected via USB 3.0 to the same computer. Furthermore, the J4K library contains several classes that convert the depth frames, skeleton frames, color frames, and infrared frames received by a Kinect sensor into easy-to-use Java objects. J4K for Processing can be downloaded from:



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