Set Application With and Height in Size() Based on the Background Image Width and Height

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Say have a background image named img. I get exceptions when I do : size(int(img.width), int(img.height));

Is there a way I can automatically set the size of the application window based on the background image W and H?

FYI, background is a PShape stored in an SVG file.



  • Works fine for me...

    PImage img = loadImage("");
    void setup(){
      size(img.width, img.height);
    void draw(){
  • Thanks TfGuy44 but that doesn't work. I think for the background I should not be using PShape and must use PImage instead!

  • Works fine for me... Uses the bot1.svg that comes with Examples > Basics > Shape > LoadDisplaySVG

    PShape bot;
    void setup() {
      bot = loadShape("bot1.svg");
      size(int(bot.width), int(bot.height));
    void draw(){
      shape(bot, 0, 0);
  • OK it works now. Thanks for the tip!

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    Just an extra caution: Processing re-runs the code above size(). @-)
    In order to avoid re-loading files unnecessarily, check whether it's still null: *-:)

    // set-application-with-and-height-in-size-
    // based-on-the-background-image-width-and-height
    static final String SVG = "https://" + ""
    + "wikipedia/commons/8/84/Example.svg";
    static final String RENDERER = JAVA2D;
    //static final String RENDERER = P2D;
    PShape bg;
    void setup() {
      if (bg == null)  bg = loadShape(SVG);
      size((int) bg.width, (int) bg.height, RENDERER);
    void draw() {
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    Alternatively we can check either width or height are still set to their initial default values: O:-)
    if (width == DEFAULT_WIDTH) bg = loadShape(SVG);

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