Announcing ruby-processing-2.3.1

I am starting a fresh thread for this update, because this is a big change, coinciding with the release of processing-2.1. All platform versions of vanilla processing are now distributed with the appropriate java runtime (which is unused in ruby-processing), my revised build script takes account of that, and it allows you to just copy the processing-2.1{your OS}{some archive} to the vendors folder, and then to use that to build the ruby-processing.gem. The change to use java 7 as the default version is very welcome (well possibly with the exception of few Mac users) since it now allows us to experiment with java 8 (I have seen measurable performance improvements in ruby-processing already). Get ruby-processing here.



  • Can you explain what advantage ruby-processing.gem has over either native Processing or Ruby?

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    Here is a pre-prepared answer from my blog, to answer the first part of your question, I don't understand the second part, ruby-processing is all ruby. The gem is how software gets packaged and distributed in ruby (has some similarities to CPAN distributed perl modules, and works cross platform).

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    I have created a development branch of ruby-processing with a view to returning to returning to rubygems hosting. To do this I am relying on an installed jruby and an installed vanilla processing (this drastically reduces the size of distributed gem). However to do this I need to know the path to the core processing jars on different OS. Can anyone tell me the path for processing-2.1.0 on MAC and windows? Or better still you could clone/test my repo on github.

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