avoiding loop click

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is there a feature/technique in minim to avoid the click in loops?

where the samples to be looped are created linearly (before the program runs), the sounds can just be edited manually. But when a segment of a larger clip is looped on the fly, there's often a loud and annoying click, proportional to the difference in the waves of the in/out points.

In fact, since there is a function setLoopPoints( ), it would necessarily occur after the big file was loaded, but before the loop was looping, and so there would surely need to be this de-clicking function. In fact, it would make sense if it were just an automatic step in the function's routine. There would likely never be a need not to do it. Yet, one can record the output and view it in an audio editor, to see how big of a spike that click is.

in Ess (R.I.P.), there was a SnapInToZero() function. You could specify a loop in point, and it would seek the next spot where the wave crossed the 0 point. Then you'd use a similar function for the out point. As a result, the zeros are the same, so there's no click.

since this loop would be assigned at run-time, whether in setup() or draw(), but before any output, functions like .mix/left/right.get() wouldn't be applicable either.


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