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Is there a way to use the Openstreetmaps offline with the unfolding maps? Part of my programm is displaying curent position (from gps ) on a map but i would like to display the position on offline map (online is working everything fine) without the need to create own map in tilesmill or so, just the raw osm map. I have tried to download the osm tiles via jtiledownloader, but that isnt working and also i dont know what after that.


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    Yes, you can use OpenStreetMap based map tiles in Unfolding without an internet connection. You can download OpenStreetMap data from their dump, or - easier - specific areas from Then you select features and a design style in TileMill (, and finally export it as map tiles.

    These map tiles can be loaded in Unfolding from your computer.

    Check out, or the example MBTilesApp in your Unfolding library (In Processing > File > Examples > Contributed Libraries > Unfolding Maps). But be sure to read the notice at the beginning (how to install another library before).

  • Thank you so much. I'll try it in a minute ;)

  • @webstrider: i have used successfully (but with eclipse and android code + Mobac) the MapQuest maps for a phone app working with offline maps & live gps for trekking. You choose the zone in MobileAtlas, zoom levels and format (.zip, database...) then put the result into the sd card and "called" the phone to use that as tile provider...But probably that Unfolding new version is better, i have not tried it till now with processing android and will go to download it...thanks to t nagel!

  • I tryed before what @tnagel sayed. It is to much work in the tilemill. I just would like the map exacrly like the basic on openstreetmap.

  • do you work for a phone app????

  • Nope. Im playing around with arduino with gps. Sorry that i didnt mentioned that. Ok:im sending data from gps (compas and other sensors) trought serial port in simple ascii lines. Processing reads that and splits the line to more strings (where is "," there splits it the data into string).. and i want that the gps will control a map so it will show your curent position. Thats all fine when connected to the internet but i would like to acces the maps offline. I dont want to export some Metro tiles into Tilemill (i tried that and its to complicated for me). What i need is just the map that displays in online mode with the openstreetmap provider. If there is some way to download the tiles...i tried that and it worked with Mapwel. I downloaded the maps tiles. But what next? There are options how to export the tiles, but what is the right one? And how to use them than? Thank you for all your answers ;) PS: if you know some other way than unfolding, please tell (but unfolding looks great and simple (just the offline usage :( )) :)

  • dont you need somehow to render the tiles? here is the openstreetmap style stylesheet...

  • Im trying right now to export map from mobile atlas creator. Im able to create .mbtiles file and tring to code it now.

  • yesss. its working! so: i created .mbtiles file in the mobile atlas creator and its working.

  • Hey webstrider, can you tell me the processing code to access the smartphones GPS position? I know that it can be done with eclipse but i want to use processing to get the smartphones gps data.

  • im working with pc. adafruit gps breakout connected to arduino nano that is sending strings of data as lon and lat to processing trough serial port. processing splits the data and uses it.... map1.zoomAndPanTo(new Location(flat, flon), 30); where flat and flon are floats carying the longitude and l;atitude comming from the gps

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