Problem with serial baudrate

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Hi. When compiling some code specifying serial baudrate of 921600 I have problems because it seems that the port work's on another speed. When using processing 2.0 in another computer I have no problems (by that time you used RXTX serial library), but when exporting that code to another computer and installing processing 2.2.1 or 3.0a5 I have problems communicating with serial port. -- Is strange because I wasn't be able to communicate properly with a remote device with the serial com even with the exported application. And when using the code for debugging I discover that the remote device respond before than writing all the payload so I assume that there is a problem about the speed. I can't get the old processing because I can't find it anywhere, so how can I fix that?. Also I used other programs to communicate with that serial speed and no problem has appeared. It's seems that JSSC doesn't support that speed and RXTX does it, anyone was able to work at that speed?, how can I install RXTX? Thanks

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