Can I pull data from XML with identically named children under one parent ?

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Hi folks -- I think I know the answer to this, but I want to double-check: is there a way to create a for loop that can extract all of the integers in "data/parameters/cloud-amount/value"? Thanks.

For example:

<parameters applicable-location="point1">
<cloud-amount type="total" units="percent" time-layout="k-p3h-n40-1">
<name>Cloud Cover Amount</name>

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    Moved as I don't see Processing code in your question.

    I think getChildren(), returning an array of XML elements, is what you look for.

  • Oops, good point, thanks for moving this, PhiLho...

    Hmm -- for some reason I thought getChildren wasn’t working; instead I decided to just crawl the tree until I found the data and then start a new array from that item’s line number.

    But thanks to you I’m revisiting getChildren and it looks like I’m using it correctly now! Cheers.

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